What is Code-bay ?

Code-bay is a code generation tool allowing developers to efficiently design web Apis based on swagger format within a user friendly interface. It provides IDE plugins to download and integrate this auto-generated code directly into your projects without the need of extra client-side program.

Why would I use Code-bay ?

Designing Swagger Apis with a basic editor can be a time consuming task : you need to be familiar with the syntax and as your application grows, the design gets more and more complicated. Indeed you constantly need to switch between your paths, responses and definitions which can quickly turns into a nightmare.
With Code-bay, designing Apis has never been so easy, in a few clicks you can create paths, definitions and responses without worrying about syntax as it is handled for you under the hood.

Code-bay generates all the code responsible for routing, format validation and definitions for you so that you can quickly get started on developing business rules. This part of your application, when written by hand, tends to be error prone, time consuming and generally increases the technical debt. Having it auto-generated is a significant advantage in your production process.

How does it work ?

Whatever your api is designed for, every service it comprises does the same thing : it takes an HTTP request as parameter and produces a response. Determining and building the response can be seen as a pipeline where each step has its own responsability. In this context, besides technically setting up the pipeline, Code-bay takes care of some of the steps as described in the diagram below :

Of course all the business specific code is outside the scope of Code-bay and must be tackled by developers. At any time during the process, if an exception is thrown, the defined Exception stage will be called. You can get more information about how this code is generated in the dedicated section.

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