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Generating the code saves you a lot of time but manually integrating it into your workspace's IDE is also a time consuming task you certainly want to get rid of. Code-bay provides a plugin that takes care of this process for you. It is currently available for Intellij and VS code Studio software.

Install Intellij plugin

Installing the plugin is very straightforward, begin with launching Intellij and open the Settings menu by navigating through File > Settings... or by using Ctrl + Alt + S shortcut. In the Settings tab, select the Plugins menu and type 'Code-bay' in the search bar.
Just click the install button and restart your IDE to complete the installation process, you are now ready to generate the code directly from your IDE.

Plugin configuration

With the plugin installed, right-click on your project in the explorer side-menu and select the Bind Code-bay url... option. A popup will appear asking you to fill the url of the Code-bay api token you want to associate with this project. You can get this url in the Code token section of the Api details page. Right-click again on your project and now select the Code-bay generate code option to actually generate the code. It will be automatically added to your project files.

Install VS code studio plugin

The plugin is available in the Visual studio code marketplace, you can install directly from the IDE through the extensions menu. Open it by navigating in the File > Preferences > Extension or use the shortcut Ctrl+Maj+X. Search for Code-bay extension and install it.

Plugin configuration

This step is a bit different than for the Intellij plugin. Indeed the Code-bay api url is located in the settings of your project. Right-click on your project and select the Open folder settings option. Under the extensions section you will find the Code-bay form to set up the api code token url that you want to bind with your project.

Once the url set up, you can either use the Ctrl+Shift+Q shortcut or select the Code-bay generate code option for the right click context menu to run the code generation process and add the api code to your project files.

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