The ultimate code generation tool

Code-bay allows you to design your swagger apis using an intuitive web interface. Once defined, you can generate and inject the code in your workspace directly from your IDE without any manual step.

Design your Apis

Fed-up with writing your swagger apis by hand ? Enjoy our user friendly editor and bring complex apis to life in a few clicks.

Generate the code

Reduce your technical debt by generating code based on your Api.

Easy integration

Code-bay provides Visual studio and Intellij plugins to integrate generated code in your project without any client side program.

Design your entities

Use our graphic diagram editor to create your entities and configure relationships between them.

Create complex definitions

Model data manipulated by your apis, define complex nested objects and reuse them as swagger definitions across your api services

Activate your path operations

Shape your apis by defining paths and configuring operations they comprise

Control execution flow

Code-bay generates a pipeline for every operation you define. You can add, remove and order each stage it is composed of in the web interface to split your implementation in multiple steps

Generate code

Once your api is designed according to your needs, generate the code directly from your editor using Code-Bay plugins in two clics ! No need to install a platform dependant thick client, everything is packaged in Visual studio code or Intellij as a plugin

Generated code

Speed up your production process

Let Code-Bay write boring wiring code for you, focus on business rules


Every definition comprised in your api gets generated as a class to be used across your application


Code-bay generates controllers automatically based on paths and operations defined in your apis

Operation pipeline

Split and order the stages that is executed when one of your application web service gets called


Produce bullet proof Apis without writing any line of code thanks to Code-bay validation stage


Optimize your workload by inviting other Code-bay users to collaborate on your projects

Symfony bootstrap

Code-bay maintains a Symfony bootstrap project on Gitlab to help you get started with the development of your first Api

Get Started

Get started with Code-bay today

Start building a robust Symfony application in a few clicks based on your Api design

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